w | e } l | c } o | m } e

acts of whimsy 

act  (ăkt) n.

1. The process of doing or performing something: the act of thinking.
2. Something done or performed; 
whim·sy  (hwĭm′zē, wĭm′-) n. 
pl. whim·sies also whim·seys
1. An odd or fanciful idea; a whim.
2. A quaint or fanciful quality: stories full of whimsy.
[Probably from whim-whamfanciful object.]
Whim-wham…now that’s a word!
Hello to anyone (?) or everyone,
Just wanted to take a moment to welcome you to my blog / tumblr - by writing a quick intro - because that’s what you do on blogs, correct? I chose the name “Acts of Whimsy” not only due to the availability of screen name, or the fact that the term pleased my hipster-lite soul but because this blog (and potential vlog venture) is my own act of whimsy. U l love b/vlogs - I’ve followed so many people throughout the years and I’ve always sort of fantasized about doing one myself, but in the end always scoffed at the idea, thinking I could never be as could as the ones I follow; but as I get older, I realize - yo, I’m. Getting. Older. I don’t want to have any regrets or be constantly umming and ah-ing about what could or might be, the result of my epiphany: this blog: I’m passionate about fashion, beauty, food - especially, travel, discovery, my city: the A - whoo! So expect all of these aspects to come together in a hopefully unique way.
If anyone’s reading this, thank you for your time! I hope you likey.